(June 30-July 6, 2014)

^^ Our first week in Idaho we spent at Trav's parents but we got see Abbie while we were there! She is such a cute little pudge. 

^^ We took Charlie to Reed's Dairy to get the best ice cream in town and his favorite par was seeing the animals of course!

^^ We also got to play with Nels while we were there. These two were loving the trampoline! I loved Nelsy boys hair when Trav would jump with him. These two sure love each other and love to play.

^^ Fresh from a bath is the best time to play basketball don't you think? ;)

^^ On the 4th of July we biked down to the fireworks and Charlie loved it! He had so much more fun than last year when we tried to go and he screamed the whole time. (We had more fun too.) 

^^ A successful night!

^^ Grandpa took Charlie out on the boat which next to jumping on the trampoline naked is probably Charlie's favorite thing in the world! He takes driving the boat very seriously.

^^ Can you even get over that smooshed face?! Haha. He loved it, despite the look on his face here.

^^ Uncle Austin is probably Charlie's favorite person. Gingers unite!


Mt. Rushmore

(June 28, 2014)

^^ When we drove to Idaho this past June we took a little detour through South Dakota. We were a little stressed because as we were in line to go into the monument it was pouring rain. Like buckets. But when we got out of the car it had cleared and look how beautiful it was!

^^ Charlie was glad to get out of the car and stretch his legs. He kept waving at everyone and he had a huge group of tourists laughing.

^^ Mmmm this is good Dad. Ok now I need a bite of yours.

^^ Right as we were leaving it started pouring again! We seriously got lucky.


Let's move to the country...

A few days in May and June I got to watch my friend's three kids. They live out of town in the country and we love their place so much. Charlie had a blast playing with the kids. It was good for him to have to share toys for a few days. Although the girls didn't really appreciate it when he thought he was doll sized and tried "climbing" into the playhouse. ^^ 

^^ Charlie boy found a nut and thought it was a very valuable treasure. He carted it around all afternoon. So funny.

^^ The mini cows who live across the road. Charlie was pretty impressed!

^^ Can you get over Max's cute face?!

^^ I promise the matching was not intentional. ;)

^^ Uh oh.

^^ What's summer without a popsicle?!

^^ I'm pretty sure this was in their driveway on our way home. We tired the poor kid right out!